Harshada Khanwilkar Hosts ‘Navara Asava Tar Asa’ on Colors Marathi!

In many different shows we have seen wives competing against each other. But now Colors Marathi is bringing us a unique game show titled ‘Navra Asava Tar Asa’ where the husbands will compete against each other but the winners will be their wives! Moreover popular T.V. star Harshada Khanwilkar will be hosting the show. This will be her first ever stint as a host!

‘Navra Asava Tar Asa’ goes on air from 18th December every Monday to Saturday 6:30 pm only on Colors Marathi. Usually in our Indian homes we see the women taking charge of the house & all the household chores & while doing so they keep expressing all their emotions in different ways. Men work hard too, by earning a livelihood but they do not get opportunities to truly express themselves & this show would work as a platform for them to express themselves & truly enjoy themselves.

But more importantly the men will be given a task by their own wives. Even if the men are competing the winners will be their wives & they will be gifted with the most precious ornament the ‘Mangalsutra’. A bit confused? We are sure this confusion will soon turn into fun & entertainment! So don’t forget to tune into Colors Marathi from 18th December every Monday to Saturday at 6:30 pm.


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