Actress Aishwariya Tupe Slapped Actor Bharat Ganeshpure? ‘Khopa’ Upcoming Movie!

Aishwariya Tupe Bharat Ganeshpure Khopa

We have seen many Hollywood actors whose method acting stories are romanticized by film writer & fans but a similar approach in our films is ignored by all. Recently a few passionate artists proved that even Marathi artists can give their heart & soul to the role & performance.

Popular comic actor Bharat Ganeshpure & young actress Aishwariya Tupe were filming an intense argument scen in Dr. Sudhir Nikam directorial ‘Khopa’ Marathi film, when suddenly Bharat Ganeshpure & the director Dr. Sudhir Nikam decided that to bring realism in the scene Aishwariya has to slap Bharat Ganeshpure.

At first Aishwariya was hesistant to slap Bharat Sir as he is one of the most loved & respected actors in Marathi but then both the director & Bharat Ganeshpure himself convinced the actress to do the needful to bring the impact in the scene! And Aishwariya did it, but after that she was under lots of mental stress & took lots of time to come out of it.

‘Khopa’ is film that gives a social message & also stars Yatin Karyekar & Vikram Gokhale in important roles.


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