5 Reasons to Watch ‘Baalaa’ Marathi Movie!

Sports Drama ‘Baalaa’ is all set to release in theatres & these are following are the reasons we think it’s a must watch!

  • The Star Cast:
    Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale will be seen in a very strong role & talented actors like Upendra Limaye & Kranti Redkar are in the lead! Even the child actor looks very talented. Moreover the film also stars versatile character actor Kamlesh Sawant & senior actress Suhasini Mulay who has been part of many great Bollywood films like ‘Lagaan’ & ‘Dil Chahta Hai’!
  • Family Drama:
    Marathi audiences always prefer films that have family drama or family dynamics as an important part of the story. In ‘Baalaa’ too there seems like a dramatic family inter relations & the love & respect for our parents too is an essential part of the story.
  • Cricket:
    In India Cricket is not just a game but a religion! And so is cinema! And when these two religions are coming together in one form then the cinema theatre becomes like a pilgrimage centre!
  • Realism:
    The film takes our protagonist through many difficult scenarios of life & he ends up being at the most disgusting places of human existence like a brothel. Hence through this journey of our protagonist we will be seeing that side of dark reality that exists in the real world but is seldom seen in films.
  • Dreaming Big:
    The film ultimately propagates the message of dreaming big! No matter one should never give away their ambitions! But what obstacles does one face in their journey of fulfilling their dreams is to be seen in the film!


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