The Offender (2018) – Marathi Movie

The Offender Marathi Movie
  • Movie : The Offender (2018) | द ऑफेंडर
  • Producer : S. M. Mahajan and V. R. Kamble
  • Director : Arjun Mahajan
  • Studio : The Gold Pyramid Pictures
  • Star Cast :
    • Arjun Mahajan
    • Sushil Mahajan as Dr. Naik
    • Dr. Amit Ratnakar Kamble as Shailesh
    • Dipti Inamdar as Kala
    • Dinesh Pawar Patil as Inspector Gaaydhani
    • Kabeer as Aniket Sarpotdar
    • Aniket Sonavane
    • Shivaji Kapse as Havaldar Shivaji
    • Suraj Dahire as Ganu
    • Somnath Jagtap as Somnath Jagtap
    • Lovennist as Raghuram Desai
  • Story : Dr. Amit R Kamble
  • Screenplay and Dialogue : Arjun Mahajan and Dr. Amit R Kamble
  • Singer : Aaroh Velankar and Swapnil Bhanushali
  • Lyrics :Arjun Mahajan
  • Music : Aaroh-Krishna-Sujit
  • Sound Design : Sunil Ramchandra Manjrekar
  • Sound Recording : Dinesh Pawar Patil
  • Sound Re-Recording : Suresh Sharma
  • Background Music : Rupali Surve
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Aniket Sonavane
  • Editor : Arjun Mahajan
  • Art Director : Suraj Dahire
  • Executive Producer : Shivaji Kapse
  • Associate Director : Somnath Jagtap
  • Poster Design : Abhay Thakur, Somnath Jagtap and Dipti Inamdar
  • Movie Re-Edit and CC : Abhay Thakur (Dream Catcher Studio)
  • Promo Design : Nitesh Thosar, Ritesh Vengurlekar, Prashant Pawar, Shashank Parab, Tushar Chavan and Rahul Kakade
  • Final Mixing : Nageshwarrao Choudhari and Vikrant Studio
  • VFX and DI : Prashant Dhotre, Vishal Nair and Amol Khanvilkar (Dream Tone Studio)
  • Zee Music Team : Anurag Bedi, Krithi S Rai, Vinay Guwalani and Pradeep Tripathi
  • Genre : Drama
  • Release Date : 22nd June 2018

Synopsis : The story of the cinema revolves around the murder mystery of Dr. Kala, who is a wife of Dr. Nitin Madhusudan Naik. Dr. Naik being a criminal Psychologist works in association with Police department, where his wife assists him. One day Kala is found to be missing. Dr. Naik reports this to the police station.
On one night, an old psychic patient of Dr. Naik, Shailesh, kills his wife and enters in Dr. Naik’s house and the entire plot suddenly shifts to a roller coaster ride.
What happened to Kala? Why did Shailesh kill his wife? What does Dr. Naik do to protect himself from the psychic entered the house? Well, these and all other questions get answered throughout the movie delivering a thrilling experience to the viewer.

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