Zee Yuva ‘Phulpakharu’ Actress Hruta Durgule Interview: I love Listening to Poetry!

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Hruta Durgule has captured the fantasy of every Marathi boy right now. The promos of Zee Yuva’s ‘Phulpakharu’ has presented Hruta in an altogether different avatar & have made the audiences immensely curious about the serial. We chatted with Hruta Durgule about her journey so far. 

First of all we would congratulate you for Zee Yuva’s ‘Phulpakhru’ serial. How would you describe your acting journey so far?

Thanks. My journey started with ‘Durva’ serial. That was my first serial & it ran for more than thousand episodes. By god’s grace I got my second serial with Zee Yuva. ‘Phulpakhru’ has an amazing team to work, & I am enjoying it. The journey has been really good for me.

Did you always wanted to be an actor? Tell us about your first opportunity.

When I got my first chance in ‘Durva’, I was studying in second year of mass media in Ruia College. At first my plan was to try for acting once I complete my degree. But things worked out & I got the role luckily so I went ahead with it.

Poetry seems to be an essential aspect of ‘Phulpakhru’. Are you fond of Poetry? Do you write poems yourself?

To be honest I don’t write poetry but yes I am fond of poetry & I love listening to poetry read by someone.

Hruta Durgule

Zee Yuva’s serials are clearly different from the rest of serials on Marathi Television. What do you think is the reason behind it?

I think the reason is in their name itself. Like ‘Yuva’ they are youth oriented. They target our youth audience & the stories are relevant as they revolve around college life & relationships. And since most of our audiences are youth, they are attracted towards Zee Yuva.

Is the procedure of shooting serials different at Zee Yuva than other channels?

The working hours, & the schedule is no different. We work for 12 hrs a day. The hard work remains the same everywhere. But I find the hectic shooting schedule enjoyable because I love my profession! But once you get used to such a schedule it becomes a habit. I make sure that it doesn’t become a habit & I try to do my work differently every day. Though our working hours are more we also get immediate response from the audience & their love so it’s all worth it.Hruta Durgule Phulpakharu Tv Serial Actress

Tell us about your other hobbies apart from acting.

I love absolutely dancing. I am also interested in calligraphy. Post ‘Durva’ when I was having a break I also developed love for cooking & now I love to try out new recipes.

Do you have a dream role? One which you would love to do?

It’s true that by watching stuff from around the world we feel like it would be great to such roles. But I think every role is challenging. So No, I don’t really have a dream role as such.

Don’t forget to watch ‘Phulpakhru’ on Zee Yuva Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm.

Interview by : Abhay Salvi

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