Vaibhav spills the beans about his new film Coffee ani barach kahi

Marathi Actor Vaibhav Tatwawadi

Prakash Kunte’s “Coffee ani barach kahi” is ready for release on 3 April 2015. This romantic film has a lead pair of Vaibhav Tatwawdi and Prarthana Behere. Our reporter spoke with Vaibhav about his role in this cute and sweet film.

Why this film is titled as “Coffee ani barach kahi” What is the target audience for this film?

Coffee means communication. Coffee represents that relationship between love and mere friendship. The film depicts this romance very beautifully. Though this is a romantic movie, it does target any particular group. Any person can enjoy this lovely film. Romance does not have age bars. Love relates to everyone. Even my grandparents enjoyed this film. This is a complete family entertainer.

How this film is different from other romantic tales?

It is different mainly in presentation and narration. Director has cut out some fabulous moments. Also, it has some sweet music. I will not claim that our film is Hatke, but I will definitely say that our film is a pleasant and enjoyable watch for everyone.

Coffee Ani Barach Kahi Movie PosterHow was your experience working with Prarthana?

It was an amazing experience. This is my first film with her. We hit it off from day one. She is a very talented girl on screen, and off screen she is very cooperative. Our rapport ensured no ego clashes on sets. It was a kind of fun working with her. I am also working with her in my next film as well.

How much can you relate to Nishad, your character?

Nishad is an introvert, he can’t speak frankly. I did not realize this initially, however, as we started shooting, I started thinking, this guy is just like me. I am sure even audience can identify with this character, who cannot say what is there in his mind at a right time. Nishad is a complete unromantic in his life, on the contrary, real life Vaibhav is a hardcore romantic guy.

Any funny incident while shooting!

We were shooting for a song sequence in the rain. It was suppose to be raining and winds blowing in that shot. Unfortunately due to some problems, the blower and rain making equipment did not come on the sets. As it was a close-up shot, crew was waving thermocol sheets in front of me to create an effect of wind. Some crew members including our director were throwing bucket full of water on me from the terrace. It was very funny. When you looking at this shot, you will not believe how we had done. It looks super romantic on screen, behind camera it was a complete comedy.

What would you like to tell our readers about this film?

I just want to say, if you have ever fallen in love, then this is a film for you. We had worked from the bottom of our hearts. This is our genuine and sincere effort, and I am sure people will like it very much. I urge all the romantic people to go and watch this film.

Tell us how this engineer became an actor?

Vaibhav Tatwawadi
I was interested in acting since beginning but I have also given importance for my education as well. Education creates a personality for you, it defines you. I did not have any filmy background. My parents advised me to do right thing at a right time. My father told me that he cannot help with my filmy career, but he can always support me for my education. I am really glad that I took his advice. My college made me an actor. COEP is one of the best institutes in our country and I am really proud that I have completed my engineering from there.

Can you tell us about future project?

Recently I have wrapped up shooting for “Cheaper” directed by Ajay Phansekar. This film has been shot 80% in Mauritius and my co-star will be Pooja Sawant. I am working with Sanskriti Balgude in “Shortcut” This film is based on engineering student life. Also, I am working in an untitled film with Prarthana which will be directed by Jalindar Kumbhar. In Hindi, Hunterr has released recently and doing good at box office. There is Bajirao Mastani, a mega budget project. I am also working for Lipstickvale Sapne, a Prakash Jha film.

So total seven films ready to release this year.. It seems you are going to be very busy. So does that mean you will be away from TV?

Let us hope that audience gives a positive feedback to my films. Yes, I am concentrating on films, so television is not happening right now.

Thanks Vaibhav for chatting with us, we do wish best luck for your “Coffee ani barach kahi”

Interview By : Pradnya Mandhare


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