What’s Up Lagna Trailer: A New Age Rom-Com!

Vaibhav Tatwawadi & Prarthana Behere have earlier worked in films like ‘Coffee Ani Barach Kahi’ together & have impressed the audiences with their chemistry. What’s Up Lagna too looks to have the similar chemistry between the two. From the trailer we can definitely say that this film represents the new age rom com genre in Marathi cinema!

The characters of both Vaibhav & Prarthana have been clearly introduced in the trailer & the equation between the two too has been well defined. From what we know Vaibhav plays an engineer & Prarthana plays the role of an actress. Both Vaibhav & Prarthana characters that are so much close to their real selves! As Prarthana is an actress playing an actress & Vaibhav too is an engineer by education!

The audiences like to see a reflection of their own culture, lifestyle & love stories in films & ‘What’s Up Lagna’ seems to be a complete package where this reflection has been combined with humour & overall rom com entertainment elements!