Interview : Sharad Ponkshe’s Negative act in “Sandook”!

Sharad Ponkshe is a reputed name in theater, film and television circles and is making his mark as an impressive actor. We spoke to Sharad about his forthcoming film and his career in general.

What is your role in ‘Sandook‘?

My role is ambiguous in the film because for most of the film I play a positive role seemingly but in the climax I turn out to be the bad guy.

What made you accept this film?Sandook Marathi Film Poster

Actually I was not keen because I was busy with my plays and TV Shows but the producer and director Atul Kale were very insistent that I do this role and were willing to wait for me and I was also eager to work in the picturesque Konkan locations.

What is the USP of the film?

The USP is that talented actor Sumeet Raghavan is making his Marathi film debut in the film and it was great to work with him and the music of the film is also great and since the film is set in the British era , the art direction and cinematography is also excellent. (Watch Video : Sandook Kuthe Ahey (Dubstep) Marathi Song)

What gives you the maximum satisfaction, films, serials or theater?

Theater is my passion and serials are my bread and butter and films are my ticket to popularity and fame.

Your controversial play ‘Mee Nathuram Godse’ we hear is being adapted for a film?

It seems so but the moralities are being worked out.


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