Abhijeet Khandkekar Interview :To Treasure Love in all Relations is Valentine’s Day

Abhijit Khandkekar with wife Sukhada Deshpande

14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day worldwide, a day that is completely dedicated to love. We are always intrigued about celebrities spend their Valentine’s! What does Valentine’s mean to them? We caught up with Abhijit Khandkekar & he expressed his thoughts on the same.

What are views regarding Valentine’s Day?

Today in our world goodness is rare. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day I feel we should be more affectionate with each other, we should share the feeling of love & goodness with each other. This day is not just for couples but for everyone. One should treasure the feeling of love in all relations.

How will you celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day?

Since our marriage anniversary is on 1st Feb, we celebrate 1st Feb to 14th Feb as Valentine Weak! This year I am busy with work, so I can’t do anything ‘Hatke’ but I have a nice pleasant surprise for Sukhada!

Tell us one of your special Valentine memory?

Last year on Valentine’s I cooked a meal for Sukhada on my own, I don’t know how good it was, but for Sukhada it was a big surprise! Similarly once we went to Gateway of India on Valentine’s Day where I booked a yacht for Sukhada. The scenic beauty of an infinite sea & the beautiful sunset got etched in our memories. In my upcoming film ‘Bhay’ we shot a romantic song on cruise that reminded me of this special memory of mine. 


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