Subodh Bhave To Star in Rahul Gandhi Biopic?

Subodh Bhave - Aani Kashinath Ghanekar

Rahul Gandhi of Congress Party has been taking assemblies all over Maharashtra currently. And today he took a assembly in Pune! And for that assembly none other Maharashtra’s favorite actor Subodh Bhave too was present & was interviewing Rahul Gandhi!

Subodh Bhave at first announced that he would be doing Rahul Gandhi biopic to that Rahul Gandhi responded that since he too looks like Subodh Bhave he would like to star in Subodh Bhave’s biopic!

While we would love to see Subodh Bhave doing Rahul Gandhi biopic, most probably all this was just said in fun. But one can never rule out the possibility as Subodh Bhave’s name is forever associated with the ‘Biopic’ genre!

What do you think about it? Would you like this to happen? Moreover all Marathi movie fans would surely love to see Subodh Bhave in a Bollywood biopic some time in the future!