Spruha Joshi’s surprise has been revealed “Kitchenchi Superstar”

Just one or two week before M-Town actress Spruha joshi posted on social site that she will be back soon with surprises and some announcements. Now time has come to know about that surprise. Recently Spruha posted on social site she will be back soon in new role and also she posted a picture of her with saying,” Khamanga Shevayancha Upma…gearing up for my new show.. STAR Pravah var lavkarach”. Her fans are now lil bit confused about this status. They are thinking either it is a normal show or cookery show?

Not to worry so much because the wait is over and the first surprise of Spruha has been revealed. For more details watch Spruha starring “Kitchenchi Superstar” from 12 October Monday to Friday at 1 PM only on Star Pravah. Watch it then you will know about this show.

Hold on! This is the first surprise; few more surprises are on the way. Till that we have to wait and let’s enjoy the new show “Kitchenchi Superstar”.

Its just shows that Spruha’s fan’s excitements are a mixture of proud feeling about her acting and her simple living way.

Spruha will come with new details of surprises soon. We have to wait some more time and we are sure it will be worth the wait. Just stay tuned for her shows announcements.