Singing is Rasika Sunil aka Shanaya’s Stress buster!

For us watching exciting T.v. shows or films is a stress buster. But what about those artists who work in this industry. We are aware that many actors have different hobbies from cooking to different kind of sports.

Rasika Sunil aka ‘Shanaya’ from Zee Marathi’s ‘MajhyaNavryachi ‘Bayko’ is fond of singing, & it helps us as a stress buster! Recently she posted a video clip of her singing ‘Jiya Lage Na..Tum Bin’ a song from Aamir Khan’s Talash movie, along with caption “Singing is my peace it just oozes out when I am tired to keep me in place.”

That makes us wonder in who’s ‘Talash’ is Rasika singing this song. Anyways her voice is as beautiful as she is & we would love to listen to her singing on a big medium! Rasika got popular for the first time with her cameo performance & dance number in ‘Poshter Girl’ proving her mettle as a dancer, later she proved her acting skills through ‘Majhya Navryachi Bayko’ & now we can notice how beautiful her voice is! She truly is an all-round artist!


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