Sai Tamhankar Writes An Emotional Letter to her Father

Sai Tamhankar

Sai Tamhankar has a bold & bindaas image in the glamorous world of entertainment, however there is more emotional depth to her too. On the occasion of her new film Family Katta‘s release she opened up about her personal life as the film too speaks volumes about personal relationships especially of a daughter & father.

Here’s the translated version of the letter Sai wrote to her father,

“Dear Papa,

According to mummy, when I was 6 months old the color of a signal turned out to be the reason for our friendship. Till I turned 6 months old you were on the ship itself. As I started growing up, you didn’t left any room for complaint as you kept showering your love. Your habit of cooking good food & doing any work if the need comes has been transfered to me as well. When you were not at the ship you used to drive a taxi! I have even seem your badge. Back then I didn’t get you & didn’t understand how to react, but then I realized that driving was your passion. This adventurous side of you reflects in me as well as I am fond of water sports! To be honest other sides of me have been discovered by me alone in my own way.

There was so much left unsaid between us but slowly I realized it was meant to be this way. It was it meant to incomplete. That’s why I search for fulfilment in the characters I play. In “Family Katta” I got another opportunity to find you, this film reminded me of those very personal memories I had with you. I don’t know whether I will finally find you this tome, but if I didn’t I will consider this incompleteness as the destined completeness of our relationship.

I won’t make the silly complaint that what if you were here? Instead I will treasure what I have left of you, good-bad all of it.

Thank You for making me what I am knowing & unknowingly. I am still in the making sometimes because you are aren’t here & sometimes in search of you.”

We have nothing more to add as this letter sums up exactly what a daughter – father relationship is all about & so does the film “Family Katta” that releases on 7th of October.

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