‘Hrudayat Vaje Something’ is a Soulful Tribute to First Love!

The video of Marathi song ‘Hrudayat Vaje Something’ from Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Movie begins at a bus stop where rain is pouring in & enters Ankush Chaudhari. This scenario directly takes us to our own personal memories of falling in love. As Ankush takes a few droplet of rainwater in his hands, he is reminded of his childhood & so are we. Then appears the tagline ‘Don’t let your first love fade away’ & slowly we enter Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’s magical world.

Throughout the song we notice three generations falling in love. The second enacted by Abhinay Berde & Aarya Ambekar. Director Satish Rajwade is a specialist of romance. And this song hints us that ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ would probably be his best film till date. The film celebrates the idea of being in love. Actors like Ankush, Abhinay, Aarya & Tejashri Pradhan seem to be perfect in their roles.

And most importantly this song beautifies the romanticism even more. The other songs of this film too are beautiful & pleasing to listen. The credit should be given to composer Vishwjeet Joshi, lyricist Shrirang Godbole & the little singer Vidhit Patankar whose voice touches our heart! Presented by Zee Studios ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ releases on 6th Jan & it’s all set to be the first blockbuster for Marathi cinema in 2017!


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