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Durva New Marathi Serial on Star Pravah Cast Photos

Durva New Serial On Star Pravah

Serial - Durva (दुर्वा)
Production Company - Dashami Creations
Produced by - Nitin Vaidya and Ninad Vaidya
Directed by - Deepak Nalawde
Written By - 

Cast - Vinay Apte, Suyash Tilak,Hruta Durgule,Uday Tikekar and Prasad Pandit as (Rajvijay Patil – Patil Anna), Devkisan Sarda and Vishwasrao Kshirsagar,Harshad Atkari as keshav
Genre - Political Thriller
Channel - Star Pravah
Starting Date - 18 March 2013
Show Time - 10.30Pm Monday to Saturday

About :
The story focuses on two families- Patil Family and Kshirsagar family which are rival families of political landscape in Satara. Both Kshirsagar, and the doyen of Patil family Anna, are at loggerheads for one single position in their party. Money being a very crucial factor in politics, local business tycoon Kishanlal Sarada becomes a key factor in changing the game.

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  • mrunal

    what is keshav’s name?

    • marathi_mulgi

      Harshad Atkari

      • marathistars

        Thanx for replying to others comments..

    • Asmita

      aai shappath! im trying to find this guy keshav from the day this serial started! Please somebody tell his real name!

      • marathistars

        Harshad Atkari

    • marathistars

      Harshad Atkari..



  • kiran

    Good serial…Keshav is backbone of this serial

  • Siddharth

    His position in “the family”, his anticipation and reaction in any situation make this character more like ShriKrishna in Mahabharata. and name “Keshav” suits perfectly to this character. I think serial should be called Keshav than Durva.

    and yes Harshad’s acting is also excellent.

  • PKar

    The serial is superb. Only the character of Durva is little unrealistic in today’s world as we would not find character like her. Also the acting of Ruta is hopeless and a great minus point of the serial. Hats off to acting of the others.

  • nilesh

    suyash tilak’s acting is superb

  • Kunal Nagwekar

    What’s Kalindi’s real name?

  • Siddharth

    Who is sujata in this serial….awesome ahe ti..


    This serial is very intersting, serial, political games are using this serial….DATTA .G

  • JAI

    i just luv dis serial…hatke 4rm saas-bahu types…Keshav is d star of dis serial..

  • Dilip Jadhav

    Great political serial. Keshav (Harshad) is real hero of serial

  • Ananda Tarlekar

    serial khup chan aahe, Harshad chi acting Nice aahe, Ruta ne roll changla nibhavala aahe, Vinay sir have hote ajun maja aali asti serial pahayla.

  • Avdhut

    what is asmita’s real name