Sonu Nigam to sing for Sachin Pilgaonkar’s Upcoming Movie “Ekulti Ek”

No wonder Sonu Nigam is an integral part of all projects by Sachin Pilgaonkar.  He looks upon Sachin Pilgaonkar as his elder brother.

So much so, that apart from singing two songs for ‘Ekulti Ek‘, Sonu Nigam was involved in the recording for Sachin Pilgaonkar’s song too.

One can imagine the beauty of the song that has been sung by a gifted artist like Sachin Pilgaonkar and has been beautified further by a beautiful mind like Sonu Nigam.

With so much of talent and emotions involved, it has become a ‘must listen’ for Sachin Pilgaonkar Fans as well as Sonu Nigam fans.


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