Shruti Marathe & Gaurav Ghatnekar Marriage Photos

Shruti Marathe & Gaurav Ghatnekar’s ‘Tujhi Majhi Love Story’ Transforms into Marriage!

One fact we all must have noticed that in the recent history of Marathi entertainment many reel life couples have turned real life couples. The latest lovable couple to join this list is Shruti Marathe & Gaurav Ghatnekar. Both these actors worked together in a romantic Marathi film, ‘Tujhi Majhi Love Story’. That film was a breath of fresh fair, a no-nonsense realistic romance film. Both Shruti & Gaurav were natural in them & now we can understand that their real life romance gloomed during this film’s making!

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Gaurav Ghatnekar was recently seen in the multi–starrer Vazandar, where he played a lengthwise small role but was appreciated for his performance. Whereas for Shruti marathe this year has been very special as she made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Budhia Singh- Born to Run’.

Their wedding ceremony is scheduled on 4th December, Sunday i.e. is today. We wish Shruti & Gaurav a happy married life & lots of fortune for their futures.


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