Kokanastha Marathi Movie Still Photos

Rohan Talwalkar and Vaidehi Parshurami - KOKANASHTA Marathi Movie Stills

Kokanastha is the story of Ramchandra Govind Gokhale, a retired middle class man, whose calm and peaceful life is thrown into turmoil by an unexpected turn of events. It is also about his spirited fight for justice in the face of next-to-impossible conditions. Noted actor Sachin Khedekar has portrayed the role of Ramchandra Govind Gokhale. Sonali Kulkarni, Upendra Limaye and newcomers Vaidehi Parshurami and Rohan Talwalkar, have aptly supported him in the movie.

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Mahesh Manjrekar, Director of Kokanastha said, “Kokanastha personifies the never-say-die spirit of every Maharashtrian. The film delivers a strong message that their peaceful demeanour is because of intellectual superiority and should not be mistaken for fear or cowardice.”

Kokanastha Movie Still Photos :


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