Triple Seat Trailer: A Love Triangle with Unexpected Casting!

Ankush Chaudhari is well known to be very selective in his film choices. He has many a times also said that he wishes to maintain his exclusiveness of being a film actor and hence avoids working in any other medium. What it implies is that every time his new film is coming up we expect it to be something special. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with ‘Triple Seat‘.

In ‘Triple Seat’ Ankush is paired alongside two actress; Shivani Surve & Pallavi Patil! This casting surely feels unexpected and risky but only time will if the audience accept them! The trailer of the film can been bifurcated intro three parts. One which is of a light hearted romance, the other is of comedy of errors and the third is a dramatic end to the romance and the love triangle!

It’s a an ambitious move by the filmmaker to have these contrasting film genres together in one film. They need to blend in together really well only then will the audience relate with the film or else it can be a put off for many audiences who find it difficult to adjust with the changing tones of the film. The film releases in theatres this Diwali on 25th of October!