Girlz Movie Teaser: Same Product, Different Packaging

The ‘Boyz‘ movie franchise in Marathi continues it’s misadventures with sex comedies that are not really sex comedies with ‘Girlz‘ an upcoming spin off or an extension of the original series. The teaser of ‘Girlz’ is out and looks nothing different than the first two films of the franchise. Only difference being that the lead characters are girls instead of boys!

However one can’t deny the fact that this franchise has connected with the audience. Will ‘Girlz’ become similarly connecting to the audience? Only time will tell! The problem with the teaser of ‘Girlz’ is that it inttoduces the central characters through the perspective of the ‘Boyz’ and which suggests that the primary target audience of the film will again be boys!

Though we won’t mind being proven wrong by this film. Maybe we would get the first Marathi comedy that instead of objectifying females starts giving us a fresh perspective about what it’s like to be a teenage girl in this day and age or maybe it’s too much to ask for from this franchise!


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