Shentimental Trailer: Maharashtra to Bihar!

Not many times we see Marathi films that are set in a different part of India! Sameer Patil directorial, Ashok Saraf starrer ‘Shentimental’ is one of those few films! This trailer introduces us to the conflict of the film really well and makes us excited about the film. This film is set to mark Marathi cinema’s greatest living legend Ashok Mama’s comeback into mainstream Marathi films!

Along with Mama the film also stars Upendra Limaye, Vikas Patil, Pallavi Patil & others. This film has a unique thriller comedy feel to it as the story involves the investigation of a case for which these police team travels to Bihar! Sameer Patil previously gave us unique comedies ‘Poshter Boyz’ & ‘Poshter Girl’. ‘Shentimental’ too has glimpses of his trademark unique style of comedy which is a combination of both slapstick & situational comedy.

‘Shentimental’ is set to release on 28th July all over Maharashtra.