Pipani: A dhamal Marathi dance song from Photocopy

Parn Pethe is going to be the next super dancing diva of Marathi film industry. With her debut as Ramabai in Rama Madhav , she immediately stole the hearts of many. However, her recent films will showcase another side. Her next release YZ is gearing up for the release this weekend and at the same time, another release “Photocopy” has started its promotion.

The makers have released the song “Pipani” on the social media platforms. The song has been picturized on Parn and Chetan Chitnis. Chetan has an amazing energy which has made this truly a dhamal song. Though Parn falls short to match his energy, her brilliant screen presence and fresh face surely make this song enjoyable. The choreography by Phulwa Khamkar could have been a bit different and more challenging.  Chetan Chitnis was chosen for this role through a talent hunt competition, and looks like the producers have found another gem.

The song has been composed by AV Prafullchandra and sung by Vaishali Samant and Pravin Kuvar. Additional voices have been given by Rohit Raut, AV Prafulla Chandra, Vijay Maurya and Satyajit Jamsandekar.

The film is directed by Vijay Maurya and produced by Neha Rajpal and Akash Rajpal. Parn will be seen in a double role as identical twin sisters. The film is slated to release in September 2016.