Photocopy: Official Trailer Released

Photocopy Marathi Movie Trailer -Parna Pethe, Chetan Chitnis

Bollywood has made numerous films about identical twin with a specialized lost and found formula. Photocopy, a new Marathi film directed by Vijay Maurya also attempts to tell us a story about identical twins. However, it is not about two lost and found sisters.

The official trailer of this film portrays story about two identical twins who look exactly same (Double role by Parn!) but clearly very different personalities. Chatan Chitnis enters in their lives and brings out a love interest. The story unfolds as the emotional twists enter. The two sisters do not realize that they are dating same boy, and he is unaware that these two girls are completely different. This leads to a romantic comedy drama with some emotional roller coaster ride.

The trailer promises us a good film with solid entertainment. Parn already has shown her caliber in YZ and Rama Madhav.  Debutant Chetan Citnis has the charm and screen presence to match with Parn.

The film also stars Vandana Gupte in a very important role. The film is produced by Akash and Neha Rajpal. Moharir, Rohan-Rohan, A.V. Prafullachandra, Praful, Karlekar, Shreyas Puranik, Neha Rajpal has composed the music. The film is slated to release on 16 September all over Maharashtra.


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