Online Binline (Marathi Movie) Trailer | Ft. Siddharth Chandekar

The trailer of Siddharth Chandekar’s next flick ‘Online Binline’ is released. One can see the honeybunch of every girl Siddhart Chandekar and humorist Hemant Dhome playing off-the-wall roles. Chandekar is seen representing youngsters who prefer virtual lives over real lives while Dhome plays a role of a boy who has a strong dislike for the virtual world. The story revolves around the fight between the virtual and the real world.

The teaser of this film is very fresh and one can come across a very different concept which has remained untouched in Marathi cinema. Today’s youth will definitely relate with this kinky rom-com, where, the characters of the movie are seen fighting the love-o-nomics of this virtual world.

The movie is produced by Shreyas Jadhav and directed by Kedar Gaekwad. Check-out the trailer of this new age Marathi rom-com.