Once More Trailer: A Historical Epic and a Situational Comedy Mixed Into One

At first Rohini Hattangadi’s look from ‘Once More‘ was released. It created a certain perception about the film. Then we saw the teaser of the film and the whole perception was then changed to a historical fantasy of huge proportions! And now when we see the trailer it feels completely different altogether! A situational rom com mixed into an historical epic!

We wonder eventually we might be even more surprised to see the film! The film’s aesthetic seem top notch and with national/international standards of historical epics. While no one from the cast apart from Rohini Hattangadi are recognized actors they still seem perfect in their characters. We won’t be surprised to see them in many more films in the recent future!

Rohini Hattangadi’s character in the film seems to be safe guarded from the trailer but we still anticipate to be surprised by it when we see the film on the big screen! Rohini Hattangadi has been a part of Bollywood, Hollywood and many other kinds of cinema, and now ‘Once More’ too promises to be par with that international calibre of cinema. ‘Once More’ releases in theatres on 1st of August!