Baba Movie Trailer: Rediscovering Parenthood!

Sanjay Dutt produced first Marathi film ‘Baba‘ created a lot of excitement among audiences after it’s teaser. Bollywood actor Deepak Dobriyal is being seen in a Marathi film for the first time and now the trailer of the film reveals the actual plot of the film and the rest of the important characters. Along with Nandita Patkar & Deepak Dobriyal the film also stars Spruha Joshi & Abhijeet Khandkekar!

The film seems to raise questions about parenthood in a very subtle way. Are emotions more important or is it important to think practically. The age old social & economical difference between two strata of society now has another layer in this film when one pair of parents are deaf and dumb, whereas others are normal.

While such stories are not being seen for the first time in our films, ‘Baba’ still feels like an emotionally impactful experience mainly because of the actors involved in the film! The film releases in theatres on 2nd of August and promises to appeal to the family audiences in particular!