Moharale He: A new romantic song from 35% Kathavar pass

Prathamesh Parab seems to be a very lucky guy. After romancing with Ketaki Mategaonkar and Mitali Mayekar in his previous films, this time he gets gorgeous Ayli Ghiya as a lady love in his next 35% Kathavar pass.

The new song from this film has been released on youtube recently. Sung by Adarsh Shinde and Sayali Pankaj, this romantic love ballad has been shot at very picturesque locations of Thailand.

Prathamesh Parab & Ayli Ghiya - Moharale He Song - 35% Kathavar pass

Prathamesh looks at ease in his lover boy image. Ayli looks very dazzling and astonishing in her red dress. The shots with the waves of ocean look very romantic and exotic. The music has been composed by Pankaj Padghan and lyrics are penned by Omkar Datt. The treatment of this song is very fresh like a summer breeze.

We especially liked the wittiness of the lyrics where a guy tells her that he has been buking classes for her and yet he does not know whether he is pass or fail. Too good for a film like this where hero is a student of junior college!

The film is produced and directed by Satish Motling. The film’s teaser says that the film has been dedicated to “all the back benchers!”


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