Kaccha Limbu Trailer: A Gut-Wrenching Experience!

Ever since the posters & teasers of Prasad Oak directorial ‘Kaccha Limbu’ has been out it has unarguably become the most awaited Marathi film of 2017. The trailer takes our excitement to the next level. The film is based on a play by great Marathi writer Jaywant Dalvi. But the cinematic interpretation of this story truly appears gut-wrenching & makes us feel the horror of this situation.

Many parents in this world who have mentally challenged children have to go through many obstacles. Even after all that their love for their child never seems to change. Ravi Jadhav & Sonali Kulkarni are portraying such parents in ‘Kachha Limbu’. The chemistry between the both & Manmeet Pem who plays their ‘Bachhu’ seems to be the heart of this film. Sachin Khedekar plays the boss of Sonali Kulkarni & adds a different layer to the overall plot.

Another character of a doctor is introduced in this trailer. Played by popular character actor & director Anant Mahadevan reveals the shocking twist in this trailer. The trailer ends on a note where we wonder how exactly will these parents deal with their kid?

This question will be answered when ‘Kachha Limbu’ releases in theatres on 11th August!