Farzand Marathi Movie Teaser: A Grand Historical!

We revealed the news of how the great historian Babasaheb Purandare inaugurated the official poster of upcoming historical Marathi movie ‘Farzand’. Now the very first teaser of the film is out & the expectations about the film are coming true. The film seems to have captured the essence of the ‘Shivshahi’ times perfectly. Most importantly technically the film looks really good.

Popular actor Chinmay Mandlekar is seen playing the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. In the title role of Kondaji Farzand we can see a young actor with a phenomenal muscular body that suits the role perfectly. His dialogue delivery too appears really good!

The film is based on the battle of Fort Panhala for which Shivaji Maharaj needed a real warrior with the heart of a tiger. Kondaji Farzand fought for this battle for Maharaj and all the swaraj of that time. The pages of history seem to be coming alive beautifully through this film, the trailer should interest us even more once it is out soon!


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