Faded Mashup with Marugelara: Prajakta Mali Performs With Absolute Grace!

Last year ‘Hampi’ the film introduced our music lovers to a song that was so spiritually divine that it stayed long after the film’s release. The film starred Lalit Prabhakar & Sonalee Kulkarni in the lead & Prajjakta Malli in an important role. Now a new video titled ‘Faded Mashup with Marugelara’ was released on YouTube through Loki’s Music Co.

This new version of the ‘Marugelara’ song is a divine combination of traditional music & the western rhythms & the same applies to the dance performance by Prajjakta Malli in this song! Prajjakta performs with so much grace & expressive emotions that we get captivated by her throughout the song! And her performance & the music truly compliments each other.

This video song has been choreographed & directed by Prajjakta Malli herself while it is sing by Rupali Moghe & the song has musically recreated by Aditya Bedekar. This song was a traditionally a composition of Saint Thyagaraja & has over the time inspired many musicians all around the world!



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