Did You Get The ‘Chi Va Chi Sau Ka’ Wedding Invitation?

Zee Studios presents Paresh Mokashi’s ‘Chi Va Chi Sau Ka’ recently distributed exclusive wedding invitations to the entire Maharashtra! Confused? Well this wedding invitation is nothing but the first teaser of ‘Chi Va Chi Sau Ka’.

Bharat Ganeshpure aka ‘Bramha Dev’ is inviting us for this roller coaster of a wedding ceremony. This little teaser has definitely created a lot of curiosity among Marathi film fans. This film seems to be a true blue laugh ride, a genre that is very close to our hearts. And we haven’t had a really rocking comedy from a long-long time in Marathi now.

Lalit Prabhakar as ‘Solarputra’ & Mrinmayee Godbole as ‘Vegkanya’ seems to be the right choices for these roles. Both of them have great comic timing & are yet fresh faces in films. Paresh Mokashi is one of Marathi’s most loved & respected directors & for the first time he seems to venturing into a completely new genre. Under the strong backing by Zee Studios & Nikhil Sane, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka is definitely promising enough to set new milestones in Marathi cinema.