Casting couch – fun with Sairat team

The now popular web series ‘Casting Couch’ has Amey Wagh and Nipun Dharmadhikari in it trying to convince actors to act in their film by inviting them on their couch and hence the title ‘casting couch’.

The 4th episode in the series has the two of them going all the way over to Sairat director Nagraj Manjule’s home. The episode begins with the two of them ringing the bell of the house and getting shocked to see the door being opened by Rinku Rajguru and Aakash Thosar instead. As they enter the house they hesitate on seeing Sooraj who played the role of Prince in the film. Prince takes a seat on the interviewer duo’s sofa and invites them to sit next to him, but both of them decline out of fear.

Nagraj Manjule then comes in to the living room and a rather humorous conversation starts between them. Nagraj tells them what he looks into while casting his actors. Ameya sensing the opportunity tries his level best to make a case for him being casted in Nagraj’s upcoming film. They even ask Rinku and Akash about their future plans. Ameya even suggests Aakash to quit acting so that there would be lesser competition for him and other struggling actors.

Amey then notices that all of Nagraj’s actors stay with him after acting in his films. Amey insists that he shall start staying with him already so that he will end up getting casted in Nagraj’s film. Despite Nagraj’s refusal he keeps on insisting and only runs out of the house when Prince comes out of the kitchen with a knife in hands.