Bucket List Teaser: A List with a Twist!

Madhuri Dixit has represented Marathi culture in Hindi cinema for so many years but now after so many years she is making her debut in Marathi cinema. The much awaited teaser of ‘Bucket List’ starring Madhuri Dixit-Nene is now out. And it feels like there’s a twist in the story!

Madhuri plays Mrs. Sane, a middle aged housewife who loves her family & works very hard for everyone in the family, but she also seems to have another side! In the teaser we hear about ‘Sai’ & how her entry changes our protagonist’s life. Now the twist seems like whether Madhuri is playing a double role here or she is playing two different versions of the person!

The film also stars Sumeet Raghavan who makes an exciting pair opposite Madhuri. Madhura Sane has made a firm resolution to complete her ‘Bucket List’ so make sure watching this film in theatres is on top of your bucket list!