Baapjanma Teaser: Promises To be a ‘tour de force’ for Sachin Khedekar!

Sachin Khedekar has been in sublime form lately his recent release ‘Kachha Limbu’ too is no exception. Nipun Dharmadhikar’s debut film as director ‘Baapjanma’ stars Sachin Khedekar in the lead & the latest teaser of the film promises a brilliant performance from Sachin Khedekar.

Among the rest of the cast only Pushkaraj Chirputkar has been revealed so far through the teaser, we can still hope for a few surprises in the cast. But this teaser tells us exactly what this film is about. It’s about a man who is probably par retirement age & is still living his life with a pre-planned timetable!

This man seems to be living alone along with his servant Mauli (Pushkaraj) & has a habit of writing diary regularly! The plot seems very compact & hence it would be exciting to see how Nipun has developed the screenplay based on it! The teaser ends on a smart note that keeps us intrigued about the film.