Zee Yuva’s Smashing Tribute to Maharashtra Police -Shaurya Gatha Abhimanachi

Zee Yuva’s Smashing Tribute to Maharashtra Police -Shaurya Gatha Abhimanachi

‘Shaurya’ stands for uncommon bravery, a feeling of immense pride which can only be related to Maharashtra Police. The legacy of Maharashtra Police is difficult to put in words. They have tirelessly working for us but we don’t really acknowledge their contribution. The only way we can understand what goes on in their life is by getting into their minds. Every holiday, festival they work for endless hours without any rest whatsoever. Even in such adverse situation every time they manage to use their skill & dedication for people’s welfare. They save us & protect us from countless threats & danger.

Zee Yuva has already created a special place with many unique youth oriented shows in very less time. Now they are coming with a unique tribute to Maharashtra Police through ‘Shaurya’ Gatha Abhimanachi. The best thing about this show is that the stories related to bravery of cops will be told through their own perspectives & will also feature real cops. Yes to make the real incidents appear very real cops will be narrating what exactly was their mentality during that. Police are always under the pressure of media, pressure of other social workers & activists & along with that the scarcity of time. They hardly have any time to enjoy or relax with their family. Hence Zee Yuva presents ‘Shaurya’ Gatha Abhimanachi which will make the common man aware about how difficult yet glorious it is to work in police.

Famous & important cases like the 26th November, Manya Surve encounter, 1993 bomb blasts & many such incidents where the police bravely fought for what’s right will be shown in the serial. The serial is directed by Sachin Mohite who previously directed Savdhan India & is written by the writer of ‘Dagdi Chal’ Ajay Tamhane. To know more about the show like the official page of Zee Yuva on Facebook!


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