Yash returns in Assa Saasar Surekh Bai

As the plot of Assa Saasar Surekh Bai has been developing many audience members suspected that Yash (played by Santosh Juvekar) will be leaving the show. However, there is very good news for the fans of this daily soap. Yash will be returning very soon!

As the character of Yash has travelled to Rajasthan due to some work, audience has been missing their favorite character for some days. Many people assumed that Santosh has left the show. Yash’s sister Rekha is expecting and hence he will return to his home. His wife Jui (Mrunal Dusanis) and he will decorate their small home for the expecting baby. As the news of Rekha’s pregnancy will be known to all the family members, surely the audience will be asking when Jui will give us good news!


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