Houseful start of ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya – Maharashtra Daura’

Houseful start of ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya – Maharashtra Daura’

Most famous comedy talk show ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’ is tremendously popular show all over Maharashtra. In this show there is one village named Thukratwadi which have the most amazing members like Shreya Bugde, Kushal Badrike, Vinit Bhonde, Dr. Nilesh Sable, Bharat Ganeshpure and Bhau Kadam. This is new and trending way of promoting Marathi movies, dramas and serials.

Now this show will take an interesting turn for the audiences. First time ever ‘Chala hawa yeu dya’ team will do outings all over Maharashtra. CHYD team will shot few episodes over Maharashtra. This episode will be called as Chala Hawa Yeu Dya- Maharashtra Daura. This outing has started from 9th December at Aadya Krantiveer Balavanta Vasudev Phadke theatre, Panvel. It was a houseful show at Panvel with full of audience love and support. Latest two Marathi movies ‘Carry On Deshpande’ and ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan- EK Sahal’ were participated in this show. As always comedy skits, dance, lots of talk, memories were presented in this show. Audience will get to see this episode on 14th and 15th December at 9:00 PM on Zee Marathi.

CHYD is the most popular show of Maharashtra. This show creates the magic at every home. Laugh is the best medicine for health and CHYD is the best medium to keep ourselves healthy by laughing constantly. It’s not so easy to make others laugh but the CHYD team does hard work just to make audience laugh. Every person wants to meet CHYD team member and wants to attend CHYD show, but every time it is not possible. That is why Zee Marathi planned to do outings of CHYD all over Maharashtra only for the audience. Audience will get see something special in this CHYD Maharashtra Daura episodes.

At Panvel episode, Actors Makrand Anaspure, Chetan Dalvi, Sankarshan Karhade and Mohan Joshi the star cast of ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan- EK Sahal’ were presented in show. As a part of this show, the comedy skit presented which was based on Mohan Joshi’s character ‘Saavla Kumbhar’ in play ‘Gadhvacha Lagna’ and Makrand Anaspure’s same character ‘Saavla Kumbhar’ in movie ‘Gadhvacha Lagna’. This skit got an awesome response from the Panvel audience. On the occasion of the film, Makrand Anaspure came in this show for the first time and he has shared many memories of the struggling days and NAM foundation work. Besides this star cast of ‘Carry On Deshpande’ Pushkar Shrotri, Vijay Kadam, Jaywant Wadkar, Sanjay Khapre, Manasi Naik and Director Vijay Patkar were presented in this show. Gulkand Cable network and their media from Thukratwadi had awesome show with both teams and they entertained audience as usual. This show will telecast on Zee Marathi on Mon & Tue at 9.30PM


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