Manasicha Chitrakaar To Star Pravah New Tv Serial

  • TV serial : Manasicha Chitrakaar To
  • Director : Shailesh Shirsekar
  • Producer : Anuj Saxena
  • Star Cast : Rutwikk Kendre, Akshaya Gurav, Atisha Naik, Lekha Mukund, Milind Phatak, Aashish Kulkarni, Gayatri Deshmukh
  • Tv Channel : Star Pravah
  • Starting Date : 25th November 2013
  • Show Time : 7 : 00 PM, Monday to Saturday

Story Outline :  Manasicha Chitrakaar To is a story of clash of dreams of two persons, Vihaan’s wants a life partner who will keep the house and take care of his mother. Tejaswini’s dream is to become an IPS officer. Her dream is not possible without Vihaan’s support. Vihaan’s dream is also not possible if he does not let Tejaswini to attain her goals. In the process they fall in love with each other and now it is on Vihaan now to sculpt Tejaswini’s dreams and in the process, paint his own dreams to reality.

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