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Premay Namah Review: So Bad that it’s still, Bad

Premay Namah stars a hero who is impossible to tolerate. Not just because the actor is incompetent, but also because this 'hero' represents everything that the quintessential 'Bollywood' hero stood far, but in the most irritating & plain moronic way. There are visible tributes to a whole list of Bollywood heroes from Dev Anand to Salman & Shahrukh Khan! And a whole lot of Bollywood films from the 90s!

Premaya Namah (2017) – Marathi Movie

Movie : Premaya Namah (2017) | प्रेमाय नमः Producer : Uttam Chorade, Suyog Gaikwad Director : Jagdish Watharkar Studio : White Onion Entertainment Star...

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