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Ticha Umbartha Movie Review: Progressive thought, but ordinary execution

Review : Ticha Umbartha (2016) Producer :  Ravi Dewan Directer : Pradeep Ghonsikar Star Cast : Chinmay Mandlekar, Tejaswini Pandit, Jyothi Chandekar, Harsha Khandeparkar, Suyash Tilak, Sheetal Shukl,...

Ticha Umbartha (2016)

Movie : Ticha Umbartha (2016) | तिचा उंबरठा Producer : Ravi Dewan Directer : Pradeep Ghonsikar Studio : RDX Cinema Company Star Cast : Chinmay Mandlekar, Tejaswini Pandit, Jyothi Chandekar,...

Mother and Daughter receives an award for their film

Zee Gaurav 2015, recently awarded Tejaswini Pandit and Jyoti Chandekar for Best Actress and Best Supporting actress for the film Ticha Umbaratha. This is...

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