Triple Seat Review: An Earnest Attempt, But with Logical Plotholes!

Triple Seat Marathi Movie Review

Quick Viewpoint: Triple Seat succeeds on a fundamental criteria in small parts through the film. The criteria being the execution of a ‘scene’. There’s some kind of emotional relativity in quite a few emotional scenes of the film, even when the dialogues sound like random whatsapp statuses!

What Works?

  • The above mentioned emotional relativity can be traced back to two things. One is the precise use of background music that is not loud but is emotionally complementing to the scenes and the other being Ankush Chaudhari’s performance and a bit of Shivani Surve’s performance too.
  • Along with the background score the overall musical score of the film is pretty decent. Especially when good music is becoming more and more rare in Marathi cinema today. All the songs highlight the feeling of romance, sometimes pleasant and sometimes dramatic!
  • The first half of the film works really well whenever it takes itself seriously. But a major turning point in the plot takes the impact of it away from us.
  • Even with many logical plotholes, inconsistent screenplay of the film by the end we are bothered about the characters in the film and in a romantic drama that is a positive!

What Fails? 

  • The poor dialogue writing harms the film in multiple ways. Especially when they try to be general about life and love, they sound like cardboard cut outs from a random social media viral message!
  • The film fails as a family drama, which it attempted in the second half. The family in the picture never feels like an actual family.
  • There’s a major plot point where the film randomly turns into a comedy of errors without inflicting any humor whatsoever. The bigger problem is that throughout the second half it has to forcefully back the plot twist and go accordingly in the illogical direction. We wonder if the twist hadn’t come, the film might have well gone on to a different path of becoming a lighter romantic film.
  • There’s an objective narrator-like character of an advocate (played by a popular Hindi character actor Rakesh Bedi) in the film. It’s a trait that is used to make things appear more important than how much important they actually feel to you! It’s completely unessential to the film and again avoiding that could have made the film much simpler and easier to like!

Final Verdict: ‘Triple Seat’ is few inches away from being called a harmless one time watch for romantic movie fans, but those inches could be covered up if you are a dedicated Ankush Chaudhari fan and/or an admirer of Shivani Surve!


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