Ravi Jadhav’s next movie ‘Nude’s First poster published

Ravi Jadhav’s next movie ‘Nude’s poster published

The first poster of upcoming Marathi movie ‘Nude’ was different from the other posters of Ravi Jadhav’s films. As the poster, the subject of this movie is also the different and it’s having sensitive subject.

Here is another poster of ‘Nude’ which is going viral on social media. ‘Nude’ movie produced by Zee studios and Ravi Jadhav Films and directed by none other than Ravi Jadhav. This movie starring Chhaya Kadam, Kalyanee Mulay and Madan Deodhar.

Ravi Jadhav presented his second poster of his next movie ‘Nude’ with these lines
“कुणी ह्या कलेसाठी जगतं, कुणी जगण्यासाठी ह्या कलेला कवटाळतं
तर कुणी पोटासाठी घेतं ह्या कलेचा आधार…”

These lines and the poster created excitements to know more about the movie. Keep calm and stay tuned to us for more details.

Nude Marathi Movie First Look Poster