Oneness Film Brings ‘Relation Connection’ A Unique Medium For Short Stories!

Oneness Film Brings Relation Connection A Unique Medium For Short Stories!

A ‘Relation’ has no boundaries. It can be with anyone & it can be in any form. It could be with a person, an object, an animal or with oneself. 

Sometimes we fall in love, sometimes it’s about pure friendship, sometimes a complete strangers appears close to us & sometimes we find solace with the company of a non-living object!

Many stories keep occurring around us, even they might involve ourselves. And when we develop a relation with such stories, we feel as if they are happening for real. We laugh along them, cry along them & we get lost in them. 

Oneness Film presents ‘Relation Connection’, a unique new medium for short stories. Many Marathi artists will be seen in these short stories. are proud to be the official web partners of this unique experiment. All the audiences will relate to these stories for sure. 

You can watch these stories on ‘Oneness‘ YouTube channel from 1st June 2017. 

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