Natsamrat (Nana Patekar) met Natsamrat (Dr Shreeram Lagoo)

Natsamrat met Natsamrat

‘To be or not to be that is the question, Jagava Ki Marava Ha Ekach Prashna, Kuni Ghar Deta Ka Ghar. . .’ these were the only words which shake the mind of every person and these dialogues incredibly presented by Dr. Shreeram Lagoo in play ‘Natsamrat and by Actor Nana Patekar in his upcoming Marathi movie ‘Natsamrat’.

We all have the great image of Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, that he has done outstanding performance in play Natsamrat. He was and still he is the inspiration of every actor. Now Nana Patekar played Natsamrat in Movie.  In trailer launch event Nana Patekar said, “It was my wish to play Natsamrat. We artist are living the life of an actor therefore it is a wish of every artist to play Natsamrat once in his lifetime. Doctor played role of Natsamrat very well I tried to give my best’’.

Natsamrat (Nana Patekar) met Natsamrat (Dr Shreeram Lagoo)Think of the excited moment when these two Natsamrat met each other. Yes! You are reading the correct news, recently Mahesh Manjrekar, Nana Patekar, Medha Manjrekar met Dr. Shreeram Lagoo. They all had special meet with good talks, sharing moments of Natsamrat movie and play. Dr. Shreeram Lagoo wished Nana Patekar and Natsamrat team best luck for their movie.

Recently in the trailer launching event Actor Vikram Gokhale and Director Mahesh Manjrekar said same thing about Nana Patekar which was a compliment for Nana sir. Actor Vikram Gokhale said, “Nana is one of the greatest actors. He has played his role very well. Dr. Shreeram Lagoo has already set a mark for Natsamrat role, but Nana has done his best without touching the original play” and Director Mahesh Manjrekar was saying, “This movie had to tell the story of Appa Belwalkar but it should not be Natsamrat the play. I wanted to bring other side of Natsamrat and Nana gave his own touch to this role without touching the original Natsamrat.”

Both were saying the same thing that Nana Patekar has done very well and he didn’t touch Dr. Shreeram Lagoo’s mark role of play Natsamrat. Nana has done magic on screen and he played the role of Appa Belwalkar without touching Dr. Lagoo’s role.

This movie will be release in 1st January 2016. Let’s celebrate the theatre on 1st January. It will be a great start of the New Year.