‘Nagarsevak’ an Upcoming Political Film in Theatres from 31st March

Nagarsevak an Upcoming Political Film in Theatres from 31st March

Many films have been made with a political backdrop in Marathi as well as Hindi. Especially in Marathi we have a rich history of such kind of films. When our democracy becomes a game for the pleasure of in-power politicians, someone amongst them has to fight against them for the sake of the common man. And that someone could well be a ‘Nagarsevak’!

Yes this unknown ‘Nagarsevak’ will get his story told, through upcoming Marathi film ‘Nagarsevak Ek Nayak’. Presented by ‘Jash Pictures’ & produced by Shashikant Chaudhar & Jayshri Chaudhri. Film releases all over Maharashtra on 31st March. It’s directed by Deepak Kadam.

Working for people’s welfare should be the essential propaganda for polticians, but they are only bothered about their power. Their nexus with other dangerous elements of the society are harmful to the common man. And all this scenario will be seen in  ‘Nagarsevak’. This story belongs to Malhar, a young man who’s new in Mumbai & later gets caught into the political world. His journey that will be filled with many obstacles will be portrayed in ‘Nagarsevak’.    

Movie stars a brigade of Marathi actors who include Upendra Limaye, Neha Pendse, Sayaji Shinde, Ganesh Yadav, Sunil Tawade, Sanjay Khapre, Vijay Nikam, ShyamThombre, Savita Malpekar& others. So from 31st March don’t forget to watch ‘Nagarsevak’ only in theatres.