Maratha’s Panipat Battle to be made into a film

Panipat Marathi Movie

The Third Battle of Panipat fought between the Maratha’s and Ahmad Shah Abdali left a deep scar in the minds of the Marathi manoos. The tragic battle which took place on 14th January, 1761 has an unparalleled legacy. Thousands were killed in a single day. Phrases like ‘Panipat Zale’ are used even today. This chapter in history will now be brought alive on the silver screen. Ajay and Abhay Kambli will be making a film titled ‘Panipat’ in Marathi and Hindi.

The Kambli brothers had made a film on the revolutionary Anant Kanhere before titled ‘1909’. Ajay Kambli said that the film on Panipat is their dream project and they have been researching it for the last 10 years.

Abhay Kambli will be the writer-director of the film Panipat. The shooting for the film will start soon and many senior and reputed artistes from Hindi and Marathi cinema will be a part of the project. Shree Venkateshwara Movies International will be producing the film.


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