‘On Location Background Sound Recording’ by Rahsool Pokutti in Kshitij

‘On Location Background Sound Recording’ by Rahsool Pokutti in Kshitij

We read in newspapers daily about drought and the poverty causing due to drought which is making farmer’s life miserable. Cities are changing very rapidly but at same time villages are facing drought problems and it’s become very difficult for villagers to fulfill their daily basic needs. Through Kshitij film director Manoj Kadam wants to show the same situation to audience as we all know movie is the best medium to express any feelings, to explain different kinds of relationship and Marathi Film Industry has always given best lessons through most of its films. ‘Kshitij’ is a story of father and daughter’s relationship. How they cope up with such difficult situation.

Manoj Kadam directed ‘Kshitij’ produced by USA Best Media Films Craft Company whose producers are Navroz Prasala and Karishma Mhadolkar. In this movie we will see Actors Upedra Limaye, Manoj Joshi, Kanchan Jadhav, Sanjay Mone, Vidyadhar Joshi, Vaishnavi Tangde, Rajkumar Tangde and child artist Arnav Mandrupkar.

Recently one scene of this film got shooted in Nanaj village of Jaamkhed district. Traditional prayer (Bhajan) of lord Vitthal in its traditional way got shooted. World famous Oscar winning sound designer Rahsool Pokutti has record on location background sound LIVE for the first time in Marathi film. It got recorded in Hollywood and bollywood industry before. This is going to give pure feeling of prayer to audience through this film.

Rahsool Pokutti said, “Technology in cinema industry is changing so rapidly but in regards of sound technology it’s changing from recent 2 – 3 years. Once the shooting is done then background sound is given to that film but in Marathi cinema through Kshitij film this is our first experiment to shoot with background sound on location which gives natural purity to song and keep alive the feeling of prayer which will definitely touch heart of audience. I always keep trying to experiment new things towards film’s sound. ”

Producer of USA Best Media Films Craft Navroz Prasala and Karishma Mahadolkar together going to produce this Film and it will be there first film. Cinematography by Yogesh Rajguru and Executive Producers are Manjiri Pendharkar and Nandu Gavle. This movie will release in coming New Year.