Ketaki Chitale Issues an Open Letter to Producers of ‘Laxmi Sadaiv Mangalam’

Ketaki Chitale first came into the limelight with her serial on Zee Marathi ‘Tujha Majha Break Up‘. After that, she was starring in Colors Marathi’s ‘Laxmi Sadaiv Manglam‘ serial. Ketaki recently posted a video through her official Facebook handle talking about the injustice that has been done with her.

In this video, she reveals that she has been suffering from the disease ‘Epilepsy’ & because of that the producers (Rakesh Sarang & Sangeeta Sarang) of ‘Laxmi Sadaiv Mangalam’ replaced her from the serial with another actress. While Ketaki says that her disease isn’t an obstacle in her profession yet she was wrongly removed from the serial. She also spoke about the disease which is as common as one in every 26 people are suffering from it. And by our law, they have the right to work in their chosen profession & yet they are facing similar injustice.

Moreover, Ketaki has been creating awareness about the ‘Epilepsy’ disease through her Facebook account from long. We need to understand & be aware of the fact that this disease isn’t contagious & those who are suffering from it have full rights to work as professionals in any field.

Ketaki has appealed to the government of India that ‘Epilepsy’ should be categorized as a disability so that people suffering from it can work in their chosen profession easily.


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