Kaakan- Soulful and nostalgic music of 70s

(L-R) Kranti Redkar, Ashitosh Gaikwad, Jitendra Joshi, Urmila Kothare. Aakash Banerjee and Ashok Shinde

Kaakan, the directorial debut of Kranti Redkar launched its music at the party on Wednesday evening in the presence of the entire Kaakan music team and industry dignitaries. The music for this film has been given by Ajay Singha.

Kranti has also  written two songs ‘Suki Poli…’ sung by Shriram Iyer and ‘Saajana…’ sung by Hamsika Iyer co-written with Omkar Mangesh Datt for this film.

The track ‘Kaakan…’ is sung by the renowned Shankar Mahadevan and Neha Rajpal. The other two songs ‘Gopi Dada…’ is sung by Shriram Iyer and ‘Wedyanche Ghar Unhaat…’ is sung by Swapnil Bandodkar.

Kaakan (bangle) revolves around a tragic love story of a young couple in 1970s that separated due to circumstances and whether they unite at their later age of life is only for the audience to see. The movie is beautiful and balanced journey of past and present timeline majorly shot in Konkan.

On the launch, Director Kranti Redkar said, “I’m excited to see the response from the audience from all generation after listening to these songs. The entire team including my singers and music director have understood the mood of the songs and then expressed. I love writing and I hope the way I’ve been enjoying these songs from past few weeks, audience would love them too.”

The film stars Jitendra Joshi, Urmila Kanetkar Kothare, Madhavi Juvekar-Kulkarni, Aashok Shinde and child actors Ashitosh Gaikwad and Aakash Banerjee.

Kaakan direction and story by Kranti Redkar, produced by Mangorange Productions, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics by Kranti Redkar and Omkar Mangesh Dutt, cinematographer Bithin Das and art director Mahesh Kudalkar.

The film releases on April 10, 2015 all over Maharashtra.


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