Ghusmat : Amol Bhosle is ready to shine

Amol Bhosle has been getting positive responses for his portrayal of a Pakhwaj-player in his film “Ghusmat.” Ghusmat has already earned reviews at many national and international film festivals including Durban, Tirana, Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur. The film is directed and produced by Rajesh Nimkar.

Prior this film.Amol has been seen many Marathi television series such as Mahangar, Ekati, Jagruti, Duniyadari. While explain his role in Ghusmat, Amol said, “Ghusmat will be a milestone for my career. The character is very multidimensional and required lots of research. I had to master the art of playing Pakhwaj (a musical instrument) under the guidance of ManikMunde for three months. The character Pandhari is tangled with the negativity all the time. He is engrossed with his spiritual journey and ignores his family obligations. He tries to treat his wife like a mother, according to his religious beliefs. This leads to the family crisis, emotional shutting and overall impact on his life. It was not an easy task to understand such character.”

Amol believes in preparing extensively for his roles. He will be playing a role of Schizophrenic guy in his next film “Rang Aboli” Amol visited many jails in Maharashtra to understand the mentality of prisoners. Another highly ambitious project will be “Chakradhar Swami” a television serial where he will be playing title role.